Toilet Terms In Chinese

In Chinese by Skritter

In this video lesson and Skritter deck, Skritter sisters Iona and Fiona Tian teach you some basic toilet terms in Mandarin Chinese, as well as host a toilet-themed quiz that enlightens you on the origins of the word for toilet in Chinese. You’ll learn how to say “you need the toilet”, as well as different ways to say a “Number 1” and “Number 2”.

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Toilet Vocabulary

厕所廁所ce4suo3toilet; lavatory; bathroom (colloquial)
卫生间衛生間wei4sheng1jian1restroom; bathroom (mostly used in China)
洗手间洗手間xi3shou3jian1toilet; lavatory; washroom; restroom
马桶馬桶ma3tong3toilet bowl; chamber pot
浴室浴室yu4shi4bathroom; washroom
洗手洗手xi3shou3wash one’s hands
擦干擦乾ca1gan1wipe dry
毛巾毛巾mao2jin1towel; washcloth
卫生纸衛生紙wei4sheng1zhi3toilet paper
手纸手紙shou3zhi3toilet paper
厕纸廁紙ce4zhi3toilet/lavatory paper
大便大便da4bian4defecate; excrement; feces
小便小便xiao3bian4urinate; urine
尿尿尿尿niao4niao4to pee (colloquial)
拉肚子拉肚子la1du4zi5(coll.) have diarrhea
一号一號yi2hao4Number 1; the first day of the month; toilet
二号二號er4hao4Number 2, second day of the month
Study these words on Skritter using this link.

Historial Culture Quiz All About the Toilet

Must Know Phrase!

Here is a very famous saying from the Song Dynasty literary figure Oūyáng Xiū known as “The three moments”

mǎshàng, zhěnshàng, cèshàng
lit: On horseback, on the pillow, on the toilet.
make good use of idle or fragmented time for thinking or studying

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