Skritter CEO’s Top Tips for Mastering Chinese on Youtube

In Chinese by Skritter

In this video, Skritter CEO Jake shows us a real-time study session of how he uses YouTube to study Mandarin. In this video specifically, he makes use of the Chrome extension “Language Reactor” and watches along to a recent Skritter video, teaching slang, entirely in Mandarin Chinese.

Here are some of Jake’s study tips for getting the most out of videos on YouTube:

  • 1. Find content in your target language that interests you, which also has captions. (This video will work)
  • 2. Turn subtitles off first and listen along.
  • 3. Use a plugin like Language Reactor to make use of the captions – you can then select by level or frequency
  • 4. Mimic and practice sentences from the video
  • 5. Note reduplication in speech. How are the speakers reacting to each other?
  • 6. Native speech is great to mine for frequently used sentence structures

Why not try for yourself by downloading the Chrome extension language reactor today. It also works on other Chromium-based browsers like Arc and Microsft Edge.

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