Maayot Integration: Study Smarter, not harder

In Chinese by Sarah Heath

Learn how to integrate your Skritter and maayot accounts.

image showing that skritter and maayot have an integration

You can now link your maayot and Skritter accounts. After you link your accounts, words you click on while reading on maayot will automatically be added to a custom study deck!

What is maayot?

With maayot you can enjoy daily graded reading exercises that are accompanied by native audio. If you stumble upon a word you don’t know, you can use their one-tap dictionary to learn its definition and pinyin. After learning new words in the context of the story with example sentences, you can then see these new words in the next day’s story. In addition, you can check your understanding of the lesson with a daily quiz.

image showing off the different maayot features

How does the Skritter and maayot integration work?

If you have both a maayot and Skritter account, you can use the new integration so that words and phrases seamlessly show up in a custom deck on Skritter. This makes it simple and convenient to review and practice your new vocabulary. You can learn how to sync your accounts in the next section.‚Äč

image showing that you can now link your skritter and maayot accounts

Integration with maayot is quick and easy

Follow the steps below to sync your accounts.

Head to the maayot website, click on My Account, and select Integrations

image showing the first step to to take for integration

Choose Skritter and click on the sync button

image showing the second step

Login to your Skritter account and confirm the connection request

image showing that you need to hit "yes, connect"

Once you have completed these steps, it will say connected next to Skritter on maayot website.

image showing that the accounts will now show as connected on the maayot website

This integration will not take existing words from maayot and add them to Skritter. You will still have to manually export those words. Once you complete the steps listed above, all new items will automatically be placed in a custom study deck.

You can learn about our other partners and integrations here. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Happy studies!


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