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Music Festival Terms in Chinese

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In this post, we will be teaching you some Mandarin terms related to music festivals. Music festivals are not only a celebration of music, but a great place to hang out with existing friends, and make new ones over a shared love of music. Whether you are a dedicated festival-goer or simply interested in the Chinese music scene, learning some relevant Chinese vocabulary will enable you to fully immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere and engage with music enthusiasts in Chinese speaking regions.

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General Terms for Music Festivals

  • 音樂祭 (音乐祭) [yīnyuèjì] – music festival
  • 音樂節 (音乐节) [yīnyuèjié] – music festival
  • 演唱會 (演唱会) [yǎnchànghuì] – music concert (with vocals)
  • 節目表 (节目表) [jiémùbiǎo] – program (list); playbill
  • 門票 (门票) [ménpiào] – admissions ticket
  • 搶票 (抢票) [qiǎngpiào] – Grab tickets
  • 免費 (免费) [miǎnfèi] – free (of charge); no cost
  • 演出 [yǎnchū] – to act (in a play); perform; put on a show; performance
  • 現場 (现场) [xiànchǎng] – scene (of event or incident); site; live
  • 嗨 [hāi] – hey; hi (loanword); oh; alas; hyped.

Artists and Performers:

  • 表演者 (biǎoyǎnzhě) – performer; actor
  • 音乐人/音樂人 (yīnyuèrén) – musician
  • 压轴/壓軸 (yāzhou) – bring up the rear
  • 歌手 (gēshǒu) – singer; vocalist
  • 乐团/樂團 (yuètuán) – orchestra; band
  • 艺人/藝人 (yìrén) – entertainer; performer; artisan
  • 主唱 (zhǔchàng) – lead singer
  • 乐手/樂手 (yuèshǒu) – instrumental performer
  • 鼓手 (gǔshǒu) – drummer
  • 吉他手 (jítāshǒu) – guitarist
  • 键盘手/鍵盤手 (jiànpánshǒu) – keyboard player
  • 贝斯手/貝斯手 (bèisīshǒu) – bassist

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