Hacking Chinese Vocabulary Challenge, June 2021

In Chinese by Olle Linge

This month, I’m running another vocabulary challenge on Hacking Chinese! It starts on June 10th and focuses on learning characters, words, and expressions in Chinese.

In these challenges, you challenge yourself to learn more than you normally do through daily practice and friendly competition. This month’s challenge is sponsored by Skritter, including things both for new and existing users.

  • Anyone new to Skritter can use the code HCJUNE21 to get one month of free Skritter (offer expires June 30, 2021)
  • Six participants, including those of you who already use Skritter, have a chance to win 3 month’s free subscription, worth $45 each

Winners are selected randomly, but weighted by activity in the challenge. The time logged in the challenge (see below) counts, but other types of participation count too, such as talking about the challenge on social media (tag Skritter or Olle), commenting on other people’s activities, and generally contributing to a positive atmosphere in the challenge.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign-up (using your e-mail, Facebook or Twitter)
  2. View current and upcoming challenges on the front page
  3. Join the vocabulary challenge
  4. Set a reasonable goal
  5. Announce your (on social media, as a comment, on our forum)
  6. Report your progress on your computer or mobile device
  7. Check the graph to see if you’re on track to reaching your goal
  8. Check the leader board to see how you compare to others
  9. Share progress, tips and resources with fellow students

Please note:  The challenge starts on June 10th, so even if you can join before then, you won’t be able to report progress until the challenge starts!

Several of us in the Skritter team will participate in the challenge. Personally, I’m participating in all challenges this year as part of my New Year Resolution for 2021. I have been reasonably good at keeping my review queue in Skritter at zero recently, so I have two goals for this challenge:

  1. Keep the queue at zero until for the duration of the challenge
  2. Trace errors for at least one error every day
  3. Stretch goal: Write an article about these errors like last time

For more about the challenge, including a podcast episode about the challenges themselves, check out the article over at Hacking Chinese. You can also check the video that Jake and I recorded for the previous vocabulary challenge, which is still highly relevant:

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