Teaching Chinese and Japanese online with Skritter

In Chinese, Japanese by Jake Gill

With new COVID-19 updates coming out seemingly hourly, it feels like much of what we would have called normal last week or last month has come grinding to a halt. As communities globally practice social distancing and areas deploy “shelter in place” rules and regulations the ways we learn and teach are undergoing rapid changes.

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Teachers and students are being forced to adapt. Learning management systems (LMS), distance learning curriculum, and educational technologies are quickly becoming the new normal. It has been amazing to see the language learning community band together during all of this. The list of tips, tricks, and discussion groups is quite remarkable (we’ve gathered some excellent links below)!

Writing Chinese characters by hand is particularly hard to deal with when you can’t see what each student is doing, and each student needs individual help. By using Skritter in your classroom, you can have students work their way through a list of characters and words you create, complete with stroke order guidance and native audio.

Skritter helps students learn Chinese and Japanese (see our comprehensive video here). While our platform is not a full-fledge LMS and is not a study tool for all world languages, we do want to do our part to help! While most of our users are individual students studying these languages, we also have “Skritter Classroom,” a platform we built to provide an extra level of control to programs that are using Skritter with their students.

We will be extending our institutional trial period through to June 30th, 2020. This means that you can try Skritter for free for the rest of the semester. We hope that our website and mobile apps can assist teachers looking to continue to provide vocabulary and character teaching, practice, and homework entirely remotely and with minimal oversight and management. That way, you can focus on other aspects of teaching!

Skritter Classroom

Fill out your program details here and start using Skritter today! You can learn more about creating and managing your classrooms in this guided tutorial video below, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions along the way.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. 全球加油!

-The Skritter Team

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