Engrish #2 (Mistranslated Japanese)

In Japanese by Jeremy Arns

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As you continue studying Japanese or just walk around Japan, you’ll notice broken English (Engrish) printed on things like signs or shirts certainly isn’t hard to spot.  I know it might not be the politest thing to laugh at, especially if there is also Japanese text with it so you could see where the mistranslation stemmed from– but that really doesn’t make it any less hilarious, though this is coming from an adult who still laughs at the occasional fart joke.

Some of the mistranslations come from the L and R difference, (where they are commonly mixed up), and others are just poorly translated into English from Japanese.

I’m absolutely not promoting making fun of someone’s attempt at speaking another language, but these things are massively printed or meant to be massively seen, and at that point is no longer pointing the finger directly at someone… or at least that’s how I justify it.

Here are examples of some Engrish you might spot in Japan.

Then where do you recommend I grow a hand?


“Because there’s risk of being bitten by the dolphins, please don’t reach your hands into the pool.”

Not even with tape?


“Please don’t put your hands near this door.” “Take caution of this door.”

If you fall in the pond, you will be boiled.


“Danger■Take caution of the boiling water.” “Please do not enter the inside of the fence.”

Jumping in elevators is a serious crime.


“If by some chance you become stuck inside the elevator, use the intercom (phone) to contact the outside area, and please quietly calm down and wait for rescue to come.”


Step 1: Cautiously drop baby. Step 2: Don’t leave baby. Step 3: Stare at baby.


“Falling risk!” “Don’t leave” “Don’t take your eyes off” “The belt is intended to prevent slipping out sideways, but will not prevent your child from falling out”.

Because it’s just as fun going in as it is going out.


“We kindly ask customers who will be driving cars to please refrain from drinking alcohol”

Please do not sink!


“Do not pass!”

I hope they can finish today by tomorrow.


“Notice” “Today the waterfall in Ninomaru Garden is under construction and the water isn’t flowing. Thank you for understanding.”

Thanks, but I always switch on the fun without fail.


“Sensors are automatically activated at the presence of the bath’s steam, so when you take a bath make absolutely sure you close the door and turn on the fan”.

wh… What.

「喫煙されますお客様へ 館内は禁煙になっております 外の喫煙コーナーでお願いします」
「きつえんされますおきゃくさまへ かんないはきんえんになっております そとのきつえんコーナーでおねがいします」

“To customers who will be smoking, smoking is banned inside the building, please use the smoking corner outside”.

But I love smorking on the bed!


“Smoking is prohibited in bed”.

(ベット is a common misspelling of ベッド)

Ehh, no thanks.


“Anglerfish stew”

(I’m guessing they thought it meant Conch instead of Anglerfish, and then mixed up the word with crotch. I believe this was taken at a Korean restaurant in Japan, not that it’s relevant.)

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