Engrish (Mistranslated Japanese)

In Japanese by Jeremy Arns

As you continue studying Japanese or just walk around Japan, you’ll notice broken English (Engrish) printed on things like signs or shirts certainly isn’t hard to spot.  I know it might not be the politest thing to laugh at, especially if there is also Japanese text with it so you could see where the mistranslation stemmed from– but that really doesn’t make it any less hilarious, though this is coming from an adult who still laughs at the occasional fart joke.

Some of the mistranslations come from the L and R difference, (where they are commonly mixed up), and others are just poorly translated into English from Japanese.

I’m absolutely not promoting making fun of someone’s attempt at speaking another language, but these things are massively printed or meant to be massively seen, and at that point is no longer pointing the finger directly at someone… or at least that’s how I justify it.

Here are examples of some Engrish you might spot in Japan.

The shoes which took off this place!

Please put your shoes here

Lit: As for shoes (which have been / you’ve) removed, (place them) over here


Rocking Elmo: Crap Your Hands!!


Face Elmo and clap your hands!

OMG, it’s a magical sign!

「ブッシュ・ウォーキング(やまあるき) のじゅくれんしゃいがいは、これよりさきにはいかないでください。」

Do not proceed past this point unless you are an experienced hiker.

Please be careful to traffic.



(Please be aware of traffic).
lit: Please take notice of cars


Please use a toilet finely.



Please keep the bathroom clean.
lit: Please use the toilet finely/cleanly.


 OK, Yoda.


There is also a bathroom outside.

For restrooms, go back toward your behind.


Restrooms are towards the back



This toilet does not always have toilet paper, so please buy some for you to use.

Religion free DVD player.

(Region free).
「せかいじゅうのDVDがごらんになれます。にほんででもつかえます。 おみやげにどうぞ」

Watch DVDs from all over the world, even in Japan. Makes a great gift!

Do not dumb here.



Don’t dump your trash here.
lit: Please do not discard your trash here

Concerned except for the people, prohibition of admittance.



Authorized Personnel Only
lit: Entry Forbidden, Except for Authorized Personnel / Person(s) concerned.

Zombie juice bar?

「フレッシュジュース 今日の種類は右です。」

Fresh juice: Today’s variety is to the right.

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