The feedback is delicious

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author photoThanks for all the feedback, brilliant beta testers! The way you all are catching bugs and thinking of stuff we haven’t, well, it warms my heart. 谢谢,你们!

For stroke recognition problems, please, just keep writing how you would normally write. Your squigs will make it through our system in the next week, and then the recognition algorithm will adapt to your handwriting style.

According to Li Laoshi, a person’s Chinese handwriting reflects her personality. True or not, her squigwriting measures little but her desire for fiery learning efficiency, since doing it just so with a mouse is more work than it’s worth. So try to keep each squig distinct, but write fast! (Unless Flash player is running too slowly, in which case, try refreshing the page.) And by all means, skip any character you know you know — Skritter counts that as knowing it.

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