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author photoWe’re now in beta! We’re telling our friends, you can tell your friends–they’ll probably kiss a baby, they’ll be so happy.

There’s a lot of Skritter yet to come, but it works now and we think it’s better than anything else out there for learning Chinese characters, so it’s time to open it up. We’d appreciate your feedback, feature requests, and bug reports. Most importantly, just use it! Your handwriting will help make our recognition algorithms better, and your study will help make the kitten‘s spaced repetition more efficient.

If you’re new to Skritter — welcome. Try it out, and sign up. It’s easy and free, and we won’t spam you or anything. You don’t even have to make a password for us, thanks to Clickpass.

Today we get to go eat Indian food at Jaipur Junction, instead of raw garbanzo beans. I drool…

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