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author photoI’ve uploaded what should be a fix for the intermittent freezes of the Flash app that require a reload, like when it pauses and won’t load the next word, or when you write a squig and it just sits there. It should retry the missed request, after a slight delay, and you’ll be good to go.

So, I think I’ve fixed it — definitely let us know if you see that one again. I think I’ve also fixed the problem with characters missing strokes, so cry out if it be not so.

I’m also uploading a framerate and memory usage display, to go along with the daily practice timer. If everything’s fluffy, you should be at 30 frames per second. Memory should naturally increase over time, as Flash player loads more strokes for the characters you’re studying. We’re mauling on our code, trying to find the cause of the eventual slowdown.

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