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author photoI’ve started a user’s guide to explain what the buttons do and such, until our demo video can show their tiny glories. Check it out, and please let us know how easy it was for you to figure that stuff out on your own, or if some of the buttons are unintuitive, that sort of thing.

We’ve also made a fix to the way words with only one character were scheduled, so they should be less redundant. You also won’t have to practice tones for characters in words if you’re prompted to practice the character and the tone isn’t due for review. These two things made my practice feel faster; I hope you see it, too.

I briefly reversed traditional and simplified characters for tone prompting, which Trina enjoyed and understood right away, calmly letting me know, like a scholarly beta tester does, how completely screwed up everything was. Thanks, Trina, and thanks to you other beta testers of uncommon intelligence and stylish affection.

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