Fixes, Choosing What To Learn

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author photoFixed a few things today. Nick got the demo to work once again, and also removed the red strokes so they shouldn’t cause confusion anymore.

Also, the lists you choose now determine what characters you learn, as well as what characters you add. So if you want to stop learning characters or vocab words from a certain list, all you need to do is remove or disable that list in the vocabulary tab. This also means you must have one or more lists enabled in order to practice, so the program knows what you want to keep reviewing. It may not work completely with some characters added before now, but before long it should work completely.

The next thing I want to build is a page for viewing the characters and vocabulary words you’re learning ordered in various ways, like how well learned and last reviewed. This will be both for reference and control of what you’re learning. Stay tuned!

Thanks again to everyone we met at Western Reserve Academy. We’re all working on those issues discovered and ideas generated while we were there, and they should keep us busy for a long time.

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