Sorry for Kirbies

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author photoSeveral bugs made it through today; apologies if you witnessed them. For brief periods, characters weren’t loading; for the length of the movie Logan’s Run, tone recognition was whack, with what I thought were impossible-to-occur error messages that included dancing Kirbies. George and Scott were appalled and amused that such a thing could occur. I was trying to find the right escape sequence to grep for <(^-^<) BUG (>^-^)> in the code. What was most amusing was that not only were there Kirbies running amok in our code, unbeknownst to them, and being displayed to our beta testers, but I was mumbling about being unable to find them and forgetting where I had put them.

Sorry guys. The upshot is that you can now press 0-5 to answer tones, if you’d rather than than drawing them (0 and 5 both go for neutral tones). I’m also displaying which vocab list and section a given prompt is from (although sometimes it’s a little hard to tell, what with words being duplicated across lists and sections and all).

We’ve also put up the beginnings of a vocabulary display on the bottom of the Vocabulary page, where you can see some of what you’re learning, how long you spent on it, that sort of thing. We’re still building this, so expect roughness, but do let us know what you’d like to see there. The Progress page is next, with a statistics revamp.

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