The 2024 Taiwan Elections, and Election Terms in Mandarin Chinese

In Chinese by Skritter

The 2024 Taiwanese Presidential Elections are fast approaching, so in this video and Skritter deck, we teach some general terms for voting, and finish off with some terms specific to the Taiwanese elections.

There are 3 key characters to learn that will open up a whole host of vocab relating to elections and democracy, and those are 選 / 选 (xuǎn) | 票 (piào), and 黨 / 党 (dǎng).

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1. 選 / 选 (xuǎn) To choose; elect

选举選舉xuan3ju3to elect; election
大选大選da4xuan3general election
选民選民xuan3min2voter; electorate; constituency
参选參選can1xuan3participate in voting; to run/stand in an election
选区選區xuan3qu1electoral district
选战選戰xuan3zhan4an election campaign
辅选輔選fu3xuan3supporting a candidate in an election
竞选競選jing4xuan3run for (electoral) office; take part in an election

2. 票 (piào) ticket; ballot; vote

選票xuan3piao4vote; ballot
投票投票tou2piao4vote; poll
拉票拉票la1piao4canvass for votes
拜票拜票bai4piao4to canvass for votes (Tw)
开票開票kai1piao4write a bill or invoice; open a ballot box; count votes
废票廢票fei4piao4spoiled ballot
买票買票mai3piao4to buy a ticket

3. 黨 / 党 (dǎng) Party; association

政党政黨zheng4dang3political party
执政党執政黨zhi2zheng4dang3ruling party
在野党在野黨zai4ye3dang3political party not in office
大党大黨da4dang3major political party
小党小黨xiao3dang3minor political party
无党籍無黨籍wu2dang3ji2non partisan; independent political party
党员黨員dang3yuan2political party member
党中央黨中央dang3zhong1yang1(Chinese Communist) Party Central Committee
党主席黨主席dang3zhu3xi2party chief
党工黨工dang3gong1Party worker 

More Key Terms

总统總統zong3tong3president (of a country)
媒体媒體mei2ti3(news) media; medium
政党政黨zheng4dang3political party
名嘴名嘴ming2zui3a famous TV show host or hostess
幕僚幕僚mu4liao2aides and staff (i.e. in a business)
选民選民xuan3min2voter; electorate; constituency
政论政論zheng4lun4political commentary
节目節目jie2mu4program; item (on a program)
辅选輔選fu3xuan3supporting a candidate in an election
恳请赐票懇請賜票keng3qing3ci4piao4earnestly request your vote; grant me your vote
阵营陣營zhen4ying2group of people; camp; faction; sides in a dispute
政敌政敵zheng4di2political opponent
立场立場li4chang3position; stand; stance
扫街掃街sao3jie1to sweep the streets; to canvas (for votes, sales etc)
分析分析fen1xi1analyze; analysis

Taiwan Specific Terms

母鸡母雞mu3ji1hen (Presidential Candidate)
小鸡小雞xiao3ji1chick (VP)
冻蒜凍蒜dong4suan4frozen garlic; to be elected (Taiwanese slang)
国民党國民黨Guo2min2dang3Kuomintang (KMT); Chinese Nationalist Party
民进党民進黨min2jin4dang3DPP (Democratic Progressive Party, Taiwan)
民众党民眾黨min2zhong4dang3People’s Part; popular party; TPP
空战空戰kong1zhan4Air warfare (Online political activities)
陆战陸戰lu4zhan4ground combat; ground warfare (In-person political activities
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