Du Chinese Integration: Link with Skritter

In Chinese by Sarah Heath

Du Chinese and Skritter Intergration

You can now link your Du Chinese and Skritter accounts.  Once your accounts are linked, words you save while reading on Du Chinese will automatically be added to a custom study deck!

What is Du Chinese?

Du Chinese is a Chinese-learning platform that offers a large selection of graded stories, ranging from newbie to master.  Their content includes dialogues, short stories, and some news-like reads.  This wide-array of stories allows you to see and hear words in context.

Du Chinese has a wide selection of stories.

Some notable features:

  1. You can easily tap on words you don’t know to see the pinyin and definition.
  2. You can choose to show pinyin for the entire text, only show it above the difficult words, or to not show it at all.
  3. All of the content includes audio, which is great to read along with.
  4. You can tap the HSK button and the app will show you the correlating HSK tests.

These features allow for a powerful study experience for beginners and beyond.

Du Chinese Integration

This integration opens up a dynamic study experience for users.  You can read and learn new words in context on Du Chinese, save the words, and then further study writing, tones, and more with Skritter’s SRS system.  Several of our users have already tried it out and the reviews have been satisfactory.

“Ooooh this will be so good! The Chinese learning app power couple.” – Megan (lingfiles)

We believe you won’t be disappointed with this integration, as it can save you time and add another level of efficiency to your studies.

Integration is Quick and Easy

If you already have an account for both platforms, let’s get to linking!  Here are the instructions:

  1. Go to this link:  https://www.duchinese.net/accounts/integrations/skritter
  2. Accept permissions (you may need to log in on the Skritter website if you have not done that yet)
  3. Save words on Du Chinese to create a deck

New sections sync from DuChinese to Skritter

Note, this integration will not take existing words from Du Chinese and add them to Skritter.  You will still have to manually export those words.  However, once you have linked the two accounts, all new items will automatically be placed in a custom study deck.  New sections will automatically spawn each month (or when you hit the 200 word limit per section).

Save 10% on Your First Purchase

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discount code for Du Chinese

We hope you enjoy this new feature and stay tuned for some more exciting updates.

Happy studying!

The Skritter Team

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