Black History Month Terms in Mandarin Chinese

In Chinese by Gwilym James

As Black History Month draws to an end, we remind ourselves that the work of racial justice continues. The road to equality and justice is a long one and requires constant and consistent effort, even after February.

We are updating and reposting our #SkritterChineseTips post from last summer to discuss the words and phrases related to racial and criminal justice. We are a group of educators and programmers in a small startup and we hope to contribute by sharing what we know with the language we love and the creative work we do. Study the Skritter deck here.

Useful Vocab

种族 / 種族 zhǒngzú – race, ethnicity
正义 / 正義 zhèngyì – justice, righteous
种族主义 / 種族主義 zhǒngzú zhǔyì – Racism
种族歧视 / 種族歧視 zhǒngzú qíshì – Racial discrimination
制度化种族歧视 / 制度化種族歧視 zhìdù huà zhǒngzú qíshì – institutionalized racism / racial discrimination
抗议 / 抗議 kàngyì – to protest, protests
示威者 shìwēi zhě – demonstrator
者 zhě – a person involved in; -er; -ist
非裔 fēi yì – of African descent
拉丁裔 lādīng yì – Latinx
黑人的命也是命。Hēirén de mìng yě shì mìng – “Black people’s lives are also lives.” Black Lives Matter.


Study all these terms and more in the “Racial Justice” deck over on Skritter.


Resources to learn from


“When They See Us” — Ava DuVernay (Netflix)

I Am Not Your Negro” — James Baldwin (Amazon Prime & Kanopy)

“13th” — Ava DuVernay (Netflix)

“Fruitvale Station” — Ryan Coogler

“Just Mercy” — Destin Daniel Cretton (Amazon Prime)

“Harriet” — Kasi Lemmons

“The Innocent Files” (Netflix)

“Black-ish” (Hulu)

“BlackkKlansman” — Spike Lee (Hulu)


“Just Mercy” — Bryan Stevenson

“The 1619 Project” (NY Times Magazine) — Nikole Hannah-Jones

“So You Want to Talk About Race” — Ijeoma Oluo

“The New Jim Crow” — Michelle Alexander

“How to Be An Antiracist” — Ibram X. Kendi

“Born a Crime” — Trevor Noah


1619,” a podcast from NY Times

The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah | George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper (Youtube)

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This post was a collaborative effort from the whole team at Skritter. Special thanks to Maria and Iona for bringing it together.

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