Climate change

Climate Crisis Terms Part 1

In Chinese by Gwilym James

Learn lots of useful and important terms about climate change and the environment in today’s mini-lesson. If you can talk about it, then you can spread awareness and do your bit. If you didn’t see last week’s post about recycling, click the hashtag #SkritterChineseTips. 💚🌍

Card 1:

As the world becomes increasingly concerned about the Australian Bushfires (yes, they’re still burning now), #TeamSkritter thought there’s no better time to introduce words to discuss Climate Change, so we can save 🐨and the 🌏.

  • climate change: 气候变化 qìhòu biànhuà

Card 2

The United Nations’ 🇺🇳 report in 2019 showed that we have less than 10 years to stop and possibly reverse Climate Change, so the term #ClimateCrisis has been coined to show that a sense of urgency is needed.

  • climate crisis: 气候危机 qìhòu wēijī

Card 3

Over 97% of scientists agree that the warming of
our planet 🌏 is the result of human activities. Human activities emit greenhouse gases, including CO2 and methane, (CH4).

  • CO2 (carbon dioxide): 二氧化碳 èryǎng huàtàn
  • carbon emissions: 碳排放 tàn páifàng

Card 4

The term “global warming” is used to explain the average increase in global temperature, which leads to increased instances of extreme weather events such as floods, fires, and storms.

  • global warming 全球暖化 quánqiú nuǎnhuà
  • wildfire / forest fire 森林大火 sēnlín dàhuǒ

Card 5

A significant amount of human-made carbon emissions comes from the burning of fossil fuels, primarily coal and oil.

  • fossil fuels: 化石燃料 huàshí ránliào
  • coal: 煤 méi coal
  • petroleum: 石油 shíyóu, Literally “rock-oil”

Card 6

What’s the alternative? Well, how about renewable energy?

  • renewable energy: 再生能源 zàishēng néngyuán
  • green energy: 绿能 lǜ néng
  • solar energy 太阳能 tàiyáng néng
  • wind energy 风能 fēng néng

Card 8

Lastly, there’s nuclear energy 核能 hénéng. Many countries now use 核能 to transition from fossil fuel to renewables.

  • nuclear energy 核能 hénéng (核 comes from 核心 héxīn, the nucleus of an atom).

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