Argue in Chinese

How to Argue in Chinese

In Chinese by Gwilym James

In this blog and video post, we teach some ways you can diffuse an argument in Chinese, or, depending on the tone of your voice, how to start a fight in Chinese!

The first example can be used when someone is arguing with you and becomes aggressive.

Please calm down. Don’t get so worked up!

Qǐng nǐ lěngjìng yìdiǎn! Búyào zhème jīdòng.

the second one you can use when the person is becoming impolite.

Please don’t speak to me with that attitude.

Qǐng nǐ búyào yòng zhè zhǒng tàidù gēn wǒ jiǎnghuà.

If you want to say someone is impolite, you can say:

You have no manners:

你很没礼貌 | 你很沒禮貌 | Nǐ hěn méi lǐmào.

Your attitude stinks!

你态度很差 | 你態度很差 | Nǐ tàidù hěn chà.

If the encounter is becoming physical, you can use this.

Don’t get physical. Use your words carefully.

búyào dòngshǒu dòng jiǎo, hǎohǎo jiǎnghuà!

动手动脚 is a really good phrase to express someone is physically touching your body. It can mean to fight or to grope.

Next is a really strong one.

Are you threatening me?

Nǐ zhè shì zài kǒnghè wǒ ma?

You gonna sue me?

Nǐ yào gào wǒ ma?

And finally, when the argument is about to explode and you need to call the cops….

If you do that again, I’m gonna call the cops.

Nǐ zài zhèyàng wǒ jiù yào bàojǐng le.

Hopefully you don’t need to use these phrases, but if forced into an argument, perhaps some of these might be handy. Hopefully this webpage loads before the argument has come to an end.




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