X-Men: Dark Phoenix in Chinese

In Chinese by Gwilym James

Movie poster in Mainland China

Dark Phoenix is the 12th installment of the X-Men film franchise. The movie centers around Jean Grey who gets hit by a solar flare during a space rescue mission and loses control of her abilities, thus becoming the (dark) Phoenix.

In Chinese, (both Mainland and Taiwan) it is translated as:

X 战警: 黑凤凰

X 戰警: 黑鳳凰

X zhàn jǐng: hēi fènghuáng

This is a fairly direct translation of the tile, Dark Phoenix, with 黑 hēi translating as black, dark, or sinister.

If you’re talking about darkness being the lack of light, another useful word is 黑暗 hēi’àn.

For X Men, the translation is:

X 战警 [X 戰警] zhàn jǐng

战 [戰] zhàn: to fight / fight / war / battle

警 jǐng: to alert / to warn / police

Movie Poster in Taiwan

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