The new Android beta is here!

In Chinese, Development, Japanese by Jake Gill

2016 is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with work quite yet. Today we’re proud to announce the beta release of our new Android app! Learn what’s new and how you can get your hands on the new beta.

What’s new?

  • Now in color. The application follows our new style guidelines and has the same fresh look as Skritter 2.0.
  • Better scheduling. We’ve made some serious changes to the code behind item fetching to help eliminate annoying loops and make sure old and new items appear at much more regular intervals.
  • Quicker load times.  Large accounts rejoice!  Stop wasting precious study time waiting for the app to load and spend more time learning characters. Yay!
  • A cleaner interface. The new navbar makes getting around the app easier than ever. The new interface includes a super clean stats page and the ability to access help documents and contact us with questions and issues in app.

What’s next?

  • Offline mode. This feature didn’t make it into the initial beta release, but it’s high on the list of things to add.
  • List creation. We’re still working on optimizing the list creation process for Android and will deploy an update once we’ve cleaned up the process.
  • Subscription options. Subscription management will be available once the app is released in the Google Play store.

Want to test the beta?

Do you have an Android device and want to check out the beta? Google has made signing up as a beta tester super easy. Visit one (or both) of the links below and accept the terms using your Google Play email address. Skritter users who are already a part of the Skritter Beta Testers community should already have access!

Feedback welcome!

We look forward to any and all of your feedback. The Skritter development elves are on standby to fix bugs and make improvements where we can. Submit your feedback using the Help button inside the app; on the forums; or you can send an email to

We hope you enjoy studying with the new Android app and wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!

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