Skritter’s new look and a call for feedback!

In Development by Jake Gill

You might have noticed that things looked a little different when you visited the Skritter website recently. That’s because as of July 22nd, 2016 we made the html5 version of Skritter (affectionately known as Skritter 2.0) the main site for all traffic. If you haven’t done so please go have a look! It was a big change and something that the Skritter team has been working hard on since November of 2014.

What’s new?


New landing page

Skritter 2.0 isn’t just a re-skin, it’s a whole new application that is built atop Skritter’s scheduling and SRS system that we’ve all come to love.

With 2.0 we’re not limited to the features or scope of the Flash website. It means that we can build the language application that you’ve always wanted! The site still has some quirks and we know that some of the features that you’ve come to love about Skritter’s web experience might be missing or in a state of “regression,” but we’ve decided to push the changes–in order to move forward on the larger goals of a unified client (codebase) and updated mobile applications.

The feedback we’ve been getting thus far has been wonderful. Bugs we didn’t know existed have been brought up and are being squashed. Situations and use-cases that are impossible to test internally have come to light, and the comments and thoughts from all of you have been invaluable for moving the project forward. So thank you all for your support!

Flash is still around

While we would love for everyone to be using the new site all the time, we understand that it isn’t perfect and, as such, we’ve kept the Flash version of the site around for now. You can access the site at and we’ll continue to support it for the foreseeable future. But our team is committed to moving forward and to helping deliver the best Chinese and Japanese character learning application that we can, and in order to do that we’re going to need your help.


Original landing page

Make your voices heard!

We want to find out how you’re using Skritter and your likes and dislikes. More importantly, we want to know how you would make it even better! In order to do that we’ve created a brief survey (10 questions) and we would greatly appreciate it if you’d take the time to share some of your thoughts.

Thank you in advance for your help and support. And happy skrittering!

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