Recent changes to Skritter’s newsletter mailing list

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Each month, we send out a newsletter with information about things you probably don’t want to miss. Normally, the newsletter includes summaries of important blog posts and language challenges from our social media channels. There’s also a ranking of top users. We hope that you find such a newsletter helpful, but it’s also there to strengthen the community. We’re all learning together and the problems we face are similar. To see what last month’s newsletter looked like, just click here or on the picture on the right.

Recent changes to our newsletter mailing list

Recently, everyone on our mailing list received a subscription confirmation. If you confirmed your subscription, you will continue receiving monthly e-mails, otherwise not.

This is because we have changed to a double opt-in list, which basically means that apart from subscribing, you also need to confirm your subscription, only then will you actually start receiving e-mails.

Previously, anyone who signed up for a Skritter account also ended up on our mailing list and received the newsletter. Of course, we think the newsletter is great, but we don’t want to force it on users, you should only get it if you really want it!

If you want to subscribe to the newsletter, you can do so by clicking the link below. You can unsubscribe at any time, there is an “unsubscribe” link included in every e-mail.

Subscribe to Skritter’s monthly newsletter here

What do you want from our newsletter?

Apart from updates from our blog, language challenges and top users, what would you like to see in our newsletter? If you have any ideas or any other kind of feedback, please contact us, either by leaving a comment to this post or sending us an e-mail. Thanks!

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