JLPT N5-N1 Lists

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The JLPT N5 through N1 lists are now updated and available for study! These together cover a total of roughly 8,500 words and 2,200 kanji, guiding you all the way from the easiest exam (N5), to the hardest (N1).

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test is held (in Japan and abroad) to evaluate and certify Japanese-language proficiency of non-native speakers. Before 2009, there were just 4 exams, JLPT4 through JLPT1. The new format adds an additional test.

N1: Approximately the same level as the JLPT1
N2: Approximately the same level as the JLPT2
N3: Positioned a level bridging the old JLPT2 and JLPT3
N4: Approximately the same level as the JLPT3
N5: Approximately the same level as the JLPT4

As of 2010, the JLPT no longer publishes an official list of words, which means these lists are an approximate guide likely to match the vocabulary and kanji requirements.

If you do find any words that should be listed that aren’t, please let us know at team@skritter.com.

The last sections of each list contain the individual kanji “comp” writings. If you would rather only study kanji in actual words, be sure to disable these sections by using the “Edit study settings” link from within the list’s page, after selecting it for study.

(Next to come are the grammar points for N5-N1)!

JLPT N1 (Hardest)
JLPT N5 (Easiest)


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