Makeup in the Tang Dynasty and the Importance of Eyebrows

In Chinese by Skritter

Reflecting on the history of makeup in China, eyebrows have always played a central role in a person’s appearance, more so than any other facial feature. The significance of eyebrows is evident in the variety of names and styles they have, often inspired by landscapes, insects, and flowers. Ancient poets regularly emphasized eyebrows in their writings about beauty, viewing them as indicators of a person’s character and temperament. Watch the full video below.

In fact, there was one dynasty that could be considered the golden age of eyebrows (and makeup in general). The main style back then was a “moth wing” brow. When was this trend popular?

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simp writingtrad writingreadingdefinition
化妆品化妝品hua4zhuang1pin3cosmetics; make-up
粉底粉底fen3di3(cosmetics) base; foundation
眉笔眉筆mei2bi3eyebrow pencil
眉粉眉粉mei2fen3eyebrow powder
腮红腮紅sai1hong2blush; blusher
遮瑕膏遮瑕膏zhe1xia2gao1concealer (cosmetic)
假睫毛假睫毛jia3jie2mao2false eyelashes
卸妆乳卸妝乳xie3zhuang1dan4makeup remover
美妆蛋美妝蛋mei3zhuang1dan4Beauty Blender (make-up sponge)
底妆底妝di3zhuang1primer (makeup)
指甲油指甲油zhi3jia5you2nail polish
唇膏唇膏chun2gao1lipstick; lip balm
防晒油防曬油fang2shai4you2suntan oil; sunscreen; sun block
Section 1/4 taken from the Skritter study deck “Makeup
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