New Year’s Resolutions in Chinese

In Chinese by Gwilym James

2020 has been a tough one, but as the year draws to an end, it’s a good time to reassess your goals and resolutions for the upcoming new year. In this #SkritterChineseTips mini-lesson, we teach some useful terms for discussing how you can level up in 2021 and beyond…

The verb 过 for celebrations and spending time on events

过 is the verb “to spend”, used for a day or period of time, like the winter break. It can also be translated as “to celebrate” if it involves a holiday or special celebratory occasion.

guò xīnnián
to celebrate the New Year

Nǐ zhōumò guòde zěnmeyàng?
How was your weekend spent?

Let’s set some goals and resolutions

目标 [目標] mùbiāo = goals
决心 juéxīn = resolutions

To set a goal or resolution, we use the verb 下 xià = “to set”.


Xīnde yìnián, wǒ yào xià juéxīn, měi tiàn yùndōng.
In the New Year, I have set the resolution of doing daily exercise.

希望 xīwàng = hope;wish
愿望 yuànwàng hopes; dreams

In the Chinese language, a phrase we see and hear often is: 新年新希望!Xīnnián xīn xīwàng! = New Year; New Hope!

实现 [實現] shíxiàn = to realize; to fulfill; to carry out

This verb can be used for all four nouns we introduced in this post

Finally, some things to improve upon…

We hope you have a succesful year ahead. Stay healthy, set goals, and be the best version of yourself in 2021 and beyond…

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