An Easy Way to Learn Japanese Hiragana

In Japanese by Skritter

Hiragana is pretty easy to learn, and these mnemonic images make it even easier!

We have graphics for each kana (both Hiragana and Katakana) directly in the Skritter: Write Japanese app, which you can use entirely for free! If you’re starting to learn Japanese, or even if you’re an advanced learner, be sure to check it out– we’re confident it’s the best way to learn to read and write Japanese.

あ (a)
Ah! I spot an “A”.

い (i)
Ears of the Easter Bunny.

う (u)
Cool shoes!

え (e)
Crack an Egg.

お (o)
A boat on the ocean.

さ (sa)
A Salsa dancer.

し (shi)
Fishing for sushi.

す (su)
Look, it’s superman!

せ (se)
A jail cell.

そ (so)
So heavy!

We hope this helps you remember these 10 Hiragana characters. Stay tuned for more next time!

You can learn Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji (and of course actual Japanese words) for completely free with the Skritter: Write Japanese app.

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