Board Game words and phrases in Chinese

In Chinese by Gwilym James

In this video post, we’ll teach you some common words and phrases to help you get playing board games in Chinese with your friends.

Playing board games is excellent for Chinese learning for the following reasons:

  1. You get tons of repetition which is key to language learning.
  2. Board games are fun, and when you’re having fun learning, it lodges in your long term memory (LTM).
  3. It’s super social, so you make friends and get to practice words outside of the context of the game.
  4. You get language in context and learn words that people actually use in day to day life.

But first, let’s watch the video:

Key Words:

Click the words to see the translation and pinyin.

卡坦岛 – Settlers of Catan
桌游 – Board games
扑克牌 – Poker
骰子 – Dice
卡片 – Cards
卡牌 – Playing cards
板子 – Board
说明书 – Manual
规则 – Rules
洗牌 – Shuffle cards
发牌 – deal cards
抽牌- draw a card
拿牌 – take a card
出牌 – put out a card
手气 – luck in gambling
运气 – luck

Useful Phrases:

你可以解释这个游戏的规则吗 – Can you explain the rules to me please?

你喜欢玩桌游吗? Do you like playing board games?

我们还需要准备什么呢? – Do we need to prepare anything else?

我么开始玩吧 – Let’s start!

别偷看 – Don’t peek!

你作弊 – You cheat!

换谁? Who’s turn is it?

换你了 It’s your turn now!

我赢了 I’ve won

我输了 I’ve lost

手气很差 Bad (gambling luck)

下好离手 After placing a card, take your hand away

这个怎么说 How do you say this?

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