Skritter Dev Notes (2.3.4)

In Development by Skritter

Hi, we’ve got some brand new Android beta and website updates for you guys (version 2.3.4). We’re working on a couple larger features that are almost ready to release, but we decided to not include them now in order to give you an update sooner. So you will see some smaller bugfixes and improvements now, and once the newer features are more polished and tested we will release them, which will be a more pleasant and happy experience for everyone involved. Good things are just around the corner!

Here are some of the highlights in this release:

  • Add automatic detection/fixing of stale account data. No more stuck on “fetching next”!
  • Improve account reset data retransfer stability
  • Improve list browsing on Android beta
  • Add some stats to the dashboard on Android beta
  • Add colors to reading and definition prompts on Android beta to help differentiate prompts
  • Fix display of vacation mode dates
  • Misc UI improvements, especially for Android beta
  • Added ability to enjoy background music while studying!

In the next and near-future releases, expect to see some larger features such as:

  • new and improved item auto-adding for both web and Android beta
  • offline study mode for Android beta
  • new and improved goal mode for both web and Android beta
  • new ios beta

Let us know what you think!

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