Skritter Dev Notes (2.2.6 release)

In Development by Skritter

Hi Skritterers, we just pushed out a new Android beta update (2.2.6), and the website already has most of these features already live. Here are some highlights from the last release:

  • Add dropdown with additional vocab information to mobile study prompts
  • Improve layouts of study prompts
  • Improve prompt advancement when clicking on grading buttons
  • Improve auto-advance responsiveness and visual feedback
  • Improve due count updates
  • Add logout confirmation on mobile
  • Increase visibility of scrollbars on mobile prompts
  • Fix reset of add words button state on mobile
  • Update mobile side menu when user changes their avatar/username
  • Improve delete list popup text and state indication while saving
  • Display zhuyin in more places when setting enabled
  • Increase auto-advance delay on incorrect prompts
  • Fix issues when opening words with hanping or pleco

If you can’t get the Android beta through the Google Play store, you can load it onto your device directly at

Let us know what you think of the changes and happy Skrittering!

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