Kanji/Hanzi Cartoon Character Challenge #3

In Chinese, Japanese by Jeremy Arns

Chinese and Japanese learners unite. This character challenge works for both languages!

**EDIT** Whoops! This challenge will really only work for Japanese due to one character (机) not translating the same way in Chinese as it means in Japanese. I forgot to double check the Chinese dictionary, and assumed the meaning in Chinese was the same as Japanese for each character. 申し訳ありませんでした。

For Chinese speakers, please ignore the meaning of 机 in this puzzle and use it’s placement only.

Below is an image of a scene, however it’s made up using Chinese characters only. The goal is to look at the image, and to figure out what is being shown (by using the meaning, placement, and color of each character). The pronunciation of the character can be ignored, which is why this challenge works for both Chinese and Japanese*.

What is being depicted below?

Click here to reveal the answer!

Answer: A person at a computer desk

面 = Face/surface (画面 means screen)
管 = Pipe/tube
箱 = Box
机 = Desk (つくえ in Japanese), however in Chinese this means “machine; engine; opportunity”. I didn’t mean to choose a character with a different meaning in Chinese. My mistake!
柱 = Pillar/post
人 = Person
椅 = Chair


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