Skritter Android app now available

In Development by Olle Linge

Skritter is now officially available for Android, just download it from the Play Store (Chinese here, Japanese here). Four months have passed since we released the beta version of the app and it has been through many updates and upgrades since then. We now have a fully functional Android app, even offering some new features not available elsewhere!

Naturally, our goal is to keep developing the app further and we still want your feedback so that we can make it even more helpful for learners with Android devices. If you think we’ve done a good job so far, please rate the app!

The beta community is still open for discussions, questions and bug reporting. We value your input and appreciate all of the feedback, comments, and screenshots posted there. Feel free to join the ever growing community and make your voice heard.

If you haven’t seen the app since the early beta, you’ll find lots of changes and improvements. Here are some things we have added or improved upon since the release in June:

  • Learning mode (see below)
  • Starring items
  • Mnemonics
  • Custom definitions
  • Decompositions
  • Zhuyin support

The learning mode is a new feature which teaches you how to write characters. Just tap the magic wand and we will show you how the character is written, stroke by stroke. Of course, you can also use this button if you have forgotten a character and want to relearn the stroke order.
We are working on more features, but rather than keep you waiting longer than necessary, we have now officially released the app.

This way, more people will be able to try it out and we can keep developing the app based on the feedback we receive from you. Please help us by sharing the good news and invite your friends to try the app!

If you are in China or can’t access the above links for some other reason, you can download the app directly from us. Just select the highest version number and download the appropriate file. Please refer to the readme files for further instructions.

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