Bridging the gap to real Chinese

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author photo Last week I had the honor of being one of the guests featured on Hacking Chinese for the sites first “Expert Panel” article. If you’ve never heard of Hacking Chinese, please do yourself a favor and check out the blog, which is entirely focused on Chinese and Chinese studying tips, tricks and hacks. In my opinion it is one of the best Chinese Language Learning blogs on the net, written by one of the most dedicated language learners I know.

The blog post, “Asking the experts: How to bridge the gap to real Chinese” explores the transition between “textbooks” and the “classroom” to authentic conversations and materials. The panel, filled with people like David Moser, Benny Lewis, John Pasden, and 大山 all weighed in on the topic, creating an epic 7000+ word article about tackling and transitioning toward authentic Mandarin.

Rather than post my personal response to this topic on Skritter, I would ask everyone to take a look at this truly unique post from Hacking Chinese. Feel free to join the discussion on his blog, or in the comments below and stay tuned for more Chinese and Japanese content in the coming weeks!

Again, a huge thanks to Olle for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the topic, and for putting together such a great article. In case you missed the link above, just click the big text directly below!

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