Updated Groups Features for the Fall Semester

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author photoWith the start of a new semester quickly approaching, or already in full swing,  we wanted to take a moment and share some new Groups features that are now live on the site. With more and more schools using Skritter as part of their curriculum it is our goal to help provided teachers with useful and relevant student information as quickly as possible. Our hope is that these new features will allow teachers to better keep track of just how well students are doing, and where they’re at in their studies.


1. Daily and Weekly Study Time and Retention Rate

SkritterJake didn’t study at all this week… give him a ZERO!
Total time, characters learned, and words learned have been replaced by updates about time studied for a given day and week. Additionally, teachers are able to see student retention rate for the week at a glance, rather than having to consult the Progress Viewer. Now, with the click of a button, one is able to see who’s been using Skritter and, more importantly, how they’re doing with the new characters for the week!

2. Lists, now with progress tracking! 

What is that new “Details” button on the right!?
Groups have always been a great way to assign various lists to multiple students in one go and help administer what content they’re studying on Skritter, but it was hard to know what lists were actually being studied, and how far along students were. Now, however, with the new update teachers will know how much progress students have made on a given list. No more confusion about whether or not students have gotten through last week’s vocabulary or not! Just click on the “Details” and view the Overall Progress and the current section begin studied.
We hope that these two updates will provide all those using groups some more streamlined functionality. If you have questions about “Groups,” please leave them in the comments below. 
Stay tuned on the Skritter blog as we check out the “Dear Skritter” questions, and more. Thanks for reading and happy Skrittering!  
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