Radio Exercise: ラジオ体操

In Japanese by Skritter

ラジオ体操 (ラジオたいそう) is a very popular form of morning exercise in Japan. It first was started as a radio broadcast, but can now be found on the television as well. People either do these exercises in the privacy of their own home or with groups of people, such as a neighborhood community at their local park or with coworkers before work starts for the day.

There are two parts to these exercises, the first 第一体操
(だいいちたいそう) is slower paced and a really good warm up. The second 第二体操 (だいにたいそう) is a bit faster and gives you more of a workout. Usually people enjoy participating in the first portion of the exercise.

The idea of radio exercises was introduced in the late ’20s, promoting the importance of health and overall well being. Having a warmed up body and a clear mind is a great way to start off the day. It promotes good feelings for the rest of the day and more dedication can be put forth in usual everyday activities. It’s pretty common and can be seen in shows and movies. Like here in the show 家族ゲーム (かぞくゲーム):

I’ve also included a video of some ラジオ体操, you should try it out and see it leaves you feeling more active in both mind and body!

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