Maksym Has Left the Building

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author photoMaksym Taran, our illustrious summer intern left Ohio yesterday amid fanfare and heavy hearts. His arrival in June marked a new era for Skritter, an era marked by higher productivity and greater language diversity. His absence will be missed.

He accomplished much this summer. He completed a large chunk of the work needed to optimize our spaced repetition which we will finish. He created the entire Japanese kanji database, corrected about a thousand would-be linguist errors, checked our Japanese textbook vocabulary lists, advised us about design issues, and provided us with a way to search our character database by radical components (especially helpful when we’ve made a consistent mistake in stroke order). So Maksym, if you ever need a good reference for your resume, give ’em my number and I’ll be glad to sing your praises.

In other news, Scott has been studying and I have been procrastinating like mad. Scott is somehow able to study for hours at a stretch while I max out at about an hour and a half. Past that I just can’t concentrate. Skritter is great for practicing, but what I need to do right now is go over the grammar and start listening to spoken Chinese (ChinesePod, here I come).

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