Genki 2 and Other News

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author photoA handful of news items:

Japanese textbook Genki 2 is here: As promised, Genki 2 has arrived! Integrated Intermediate is up next, followed by Progressing to Advanced. And then after those there are another set of textbooks that are more popular internationally: Minna no Nihongo. Any other Japanese texts that people would like to see?

More characters, added sooner: We’ve streamlined the system for uploading new characters. We’re just about caught up with all the characters people have requested that previously we didn’t have the strokes for. And from now on it should be much quicker making and putting up new requests.

New logo: We swapped out the new logo for another of the several we had made for us. What do you guys think of this one? Slightly less demonic we hope?

Vocab List Design: George and I chatted at length, pondering ideas for a new vocabulary list user interface. We came up with a design that will hopefully feel a lot less crowded as well as more intuitive. George is making some mockups in photoshop now, and will be putting them on the forum for you guys to have a look at and tell us what you think. This will be the fifth design of that page I think so we’d like to get your guys’ opinions and ideas. It’s really important this part of the site be understandable!

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