Kitten Upgrade

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The system for choosing words and characters to study (aka Kitten) has had some needed tweaks done to it, now that it’s gone through a bit of testing since it went live a couple weeks ago. It should work a lot better now at choosing which words to study. It is also fully automated, in that you can start and stop whenever you like, and the more you study, the more words it will give you to study.

I deleted everyone’s histories and vocab lists, since so many changes were made recently to the kitten, and it’s time to start thoroughly testing the kitten and tweaking it. But by and large I believe the kitten is not going to change much for now, at least for the next few weeks while we address other parts of the site and program and start beta testing (two weeks away!). Please send us comments, thoughts and critiques on the kitten.

We also have in place the beginnings of a vocab list selection system. You can go to your ‘Method’ tab and choose a list and section to study. We only have one vocab list uploaded at the moment, but more are coming, as Nick described on an earlier post. The check marks on the page are for enabling or disabling your study list. If you don’t have a list, you’re automatically put at the beginning of the only list we have.

The method page is pretty user unfriendly right now, but my next task is to rebuild that page and indeed the entire website with a shiny new user interface. Hope you like it.

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