This is just the system we built while we were building our other system

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Recognition is getting a lot better, thanks to all the Squigs. George has created 1050 characters now with the Chef, although we’re still squigging so you won’t see that many yet. Scott has the kitten going in test at last, so as soon as we’ve gotten all the squigs from this next round of characters, it’ll start tracking your progress.

Please let us know if any of the stroke orders are wrong (the program pulses the stroke it thinks should be next when you do one out of order), or if you draw a stroke and it just looks bad. Perhaps it’s angled poorly. Perhaps it’s really squished. Perhaps its straw hat and its combat boots just don’t match. Regardless, submit a comment.

Tone practice is in, but its recognition is bad at this point. Draw what you think the tone looks like and don’t bother trying to get it to recognize — we need your Squigs!

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