Hudson Kitty

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Two newsworthy items today: First, the time is now and the kitten is active. Yes, our little scheduling algorithm is up and running, and squig collecting is turned off. This means that the spaced repetition algorithm should be taking its first crack at user input and helping everyone learn more characters. It’s worth noting however, that the kitten’s eyes, which will determine user skill level, are not yet turned on, so everyone visiting the site for the near future will be treated like a newb by a blind kitten. Hopefully we’ll have the kitten’s eyes completed in the not-too-distant future..

In other news, we will be gone tomorrow to visit the foundation underwriting our business, the Burton D. Morgan foundation in Hudson Ohio. After our visit to the foundation we are scheduled to talk through a possible site for beta testing with a third party. Because nothing is decided, that’s all we can say for now. We’re hoping to enlist as many beta testers as possible so that we can perfect and hone Skritter until it’s sharper than a razor that’s as sharp as two razors.

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