Squig Collector!!!

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New Product Announcement

Squig Collector! Hours and hours of gameplay! New squigs added every minute! Collect them all!

“Yeah man, I was just watching the latest speed run from gsaines — whoa! He categorized 10918 squigs in like 25 minutes!

Amaze your friends with the blinding speed and accuracy of your left hand, as you hammer those a, s, d, f, x, and t keys! Contribute to the tastiness of the burrito swarm, while totally leveling up like crazy. At level 30, you get a flying mount — of Squigging Out!

“I found a secret message after 8800 Squigs — serickso wrote a funny message to me, disguised a Squig. I laughed forever!”

Each time a user tries to write a stroke into the award-winning, breathtakingly perfect new web application Skritter, it turns into a Squig — for you to collect! But watch out! Some Squigs are miscategorized by the Skritter‘s recognition — as a tasty trap for you, the Hero! It’s a grueling marathon of accuracy and endurance — and fun!

God, this is boring…

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